Behavioral Predictions That Count

What if you could see exactly when a lapsed donor will have the highest probability of being reactivated? Or which candidate a voter will choose on Election Day?

What would you do with that information?

What is CivixAI?

We are a deep-learning artificial intelligence network designed to emulate the behavioral and decision-making patterns of any human audience. CivixAI reveals the exact dates, as far as 90 days in advance, when your target audience has the highest probability of taking a specific action (i.e supporting legislation, voting, giving, or buying & selling securities).

CivixAI’s probability forecasts:
• Result in an average ROI of 1,654%;
• Are rooted in data science;
• Provide a precise calendar of when to engage your target audience during your operational timeline.

How does it work?

CivixAI emulates the decision-making patterns of any audience that you want to measure. By identifying your audience's future decision-making behavior, we achieve unprecedented accuracy in determining when to influence their actions or manage risk.

For example, CivixAI mines legislative databases with its proprietary algorithm and subsequently reveals when any legislator has the highest probability of supporting legislation during their respective legislative session, based on their individual behavioral biases. The dates in yellow on the calendar are when CivixAI suggests that you contact your legislative targets.

Examples of audiences we have measured include: voters, donors, shareholders, consumers, viewers and legislators.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will CivixAI benefit my organization or company?
CivixAI will show you when your audience is most susceptible and wants to be persuaded.
Need to raise more money? CivixAI shows you when your target audience wants you to ask them.
Need to influence legislation? CivixAI shows you when legislators want you to approach them.
Need to earn more votes in a key demographic? CivixAI shows you when voters want to hear from you.
We know our audience fairly well. How will CivixAI's platform add value?
The purpose of CivixAI is not to change what you are currently doing or to tell you what you already know about your audience. Its primary purpose is to identify new intelligence about your current and prospective audiences that will allow fundraising and/or political staff to unlock additional opportunities for growth – whether that be through new sources of fundraising revenue, more legislative wins, or mobilizing voters with greater speed and effectiveness.
How is CivixAI different from other software or analytical approaches?
CivixAI is a deep-logic artificial intelligence platform that mirrors the behavioral and decision-making patterns of your audience. This is also known as "sentiment." This is different than many of the platforms that you encounter today that simply automate statistical models to predict an outcome at some future point. CivixAI’s true value is derived from being able to identify your audience’s interim sentiment during your operational timeline so that you can achieve the outcome you want, rather than getting the outcome you're expecting based on historical analysis. By being able to pinpoint precisely when the sentiment of your target audience will shift from positive to passive, you can alter the timing and/or direction of your audience's decisions to your advantage.
Once we engage, how does this work? Will it require extra hours from our staff?
In most cases, you need only to sign up in order to begin receiving donor, legislator, and/or voter intelligence reports in less than a week to incorporate into your existing operational strategy.
In donor environments outside of political fundraising, it works best if you have a record of every contribution given to your organization, and the date on which it was given, compiled in an Excel or CSV document. That’s it. After we receive your data, you will begin receiving donor intelligence reports in less than a week so you can begin applying the intelligence to your existing strategy.
How does CivixAI account for world events that can quickly change a target audience's sentiment about giving, voting or passing legislation?
CivixAI exists in the same world that we do. In fact, CivixAI is more in tune with external events than we are because it is constantly taking in external influencer data like stock market prices, news headlines, weather data by zip code, etc. In other words, CivixAI is not thinking in a vacuum of “best case scenarios.”
Does CivixAI replace work that our own professionals are already doing?
No! 21st century success inevitably requires 21st century innovation, but technology is not a standalone solution, and it certainly cannot replace your people and relationships. Opportunities for new growth can only be maximized when technology works with your people and your relationships as one formula. None of these three inputs are mutually exclusive and therefore all three are needed. When used properly, AI makes people much more successful by giving them more opportunities, rather than replacing them.
Does CivixAI make financial sense for our organization?
CivixAI, like all technology investments should do, makes your lives easier, not more burdensome. CivixAI will give your team(s) more opportunities to raise money from target audiences, pass or defeat more legislation, and win more campaigns by effectively persuading voters without increasing workload. As a technology investment, CivixAI directly supports revenue growth in the first year and leads to increased efficiency by staff, which increases your long-term profitability.
How have other organizations benefited from using your technology?
Organizations incorporating CivixAI into their existing operational strategies are experiencing an average ROI between 908% - 2,400%. To put this into a monetary perspective, a nationally focused organization leveraging CivixAI could realize a financial net gain of $2.25M - $6M per year.

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