Behavioral Predictions That Count

What if you could see what people aren’t telling you?

Most data-gathering methodologies collect high-level information that is useful but comes up short of being able to tell us what we need to do, and when we need to do it, to influence a change in our audience's behavior or predict outcomes at a specific date in the future. CivixAI is an artificial intelligence company focused on behavioral analysis and event prediction in multiple applications, including: politics, public policy, government relations, public health, and economic/consumer behavior.

How does it work?

CivixAI emulates the decision-making patterns of the audience you are measuring to discover hidden motivations and unique correlations that cause them to take action in particular situations, and arrive at unprecedented prediction accuracy of their future behavior. We leverage our proprietary algorithm to deliver the Relative Preference (RP) among of your audience. Examples of audiences we have measured include: voters, donors, customers, viewers and policymakers. RP indicates when an event you’re monitoring will occur at a specific point in the future – whether that’s a week from now or in several months.

We are a tech company. We believe in providing you with the most powerful tool of its kind and setting you free to use it when and where you need it. And we know it works. Fortune 500 companies have been using our proprietary technology for over a decade.

As a software application, CivixAI often partners with professionals and firms in the field of polling and public opinion research. If you retain a polling or opinion research consultant, we can work directly with them. If you need assistance collecting the appropriate data, we can provide the service that fits your budget requirements.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Most artificial intelligence that you encounter today is a form of AI specifically designed to focus on a narrow task that appears intelligent. This is commonly referred to as “weak AI.” Examples include robots used in the manufacturing process and even Apple's Siri. These AI tools can only perform specifically programmed tasks and nothing more.

CivixAI is “Strong AI.” Strong AI systems possess the ability to think generally and to make decisions beyond initially programmed tasks. Decisions are made based on what the system has learned and it continually gets smarter. In short, it performs functions the way the human brain thinks and simulates real-world human decision-making.

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