Behavioral Predictions That Count

What if you could see what people aren’t telling you?

Most data-gathering methodologies collect high-level information that is useful but comes up short of being able to tell us what we need to do, and when we need to do it, to influence a change in our audience's behavior or predict outcomes at a specific date in the future. CivixAI is an artificial intelligence company focused on behavioral analysis and event prediction in multiple applications, including: politics, public policy, government relations, public health, and economic/consumer behavior.

What is CivixAI?

We are not another statistical model or predictive analytic designed to simply forecast outcomes in your market. While it’s true that our platform can do that with a high degree of accuracy, it’s a secondary benefit.

Our real super power lies in our prescriptive approach as a proprietary, predictive behavioral intelligence platform. We measure your audience’s sentiment, a.k.a preference, as far as 12 months into the future and tell you exactly when to engage them to achieve your call-to-action in greater volume during your operational timeline. Our customers no longer meet their forecasts, they beat them.

How does it work?

CivixAI emulates the decision-making patterns of any audience, or audiences, that you want to measure. By identifying hidden motivations and unique correlations, we reach unprecedented prediction accuracy of their future sentiment and subsequent behavior. Examples of audiences we have measured include: voters, donors, customers, viewers and policymakers.

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